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BUENA is about surrounding yourself with good company. It’s about rolling up your sleeves and getting things done, so that you can do the things that make you happy with the people you love most. In a world where we only share a highlights reel on social media — where social media is used for everything except planning our social life —
BUENA is about being social in real life.

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Stephanie Be
The Entrepretraveler

From inner-city to over 200 cities, Stephanie Be has worked and played her way around the world. Whether it’s brunch in LA, laser tag in private jet planes, or rock-climbing in the Dolomites, Stephanie finds the best things to do and shares them with you.

A California girl and UCLA Alumna, Stephanie traded corporate America for a one-way ticket to Sydney. Her Australian immigration status pushed her into free-lancing — helping very small-businesses grow through branding, marketing and business development.

After traveling to twenty-four countries while working remotely, Stephanie took a shot at doing for herself what she had done for others. In the summer of 2014, she conceived TravelBreak, a personal lifestyle and adventure blog. She’s gartnered over 280,000 followers.

Over 250 destinations later, Stephanie is a multi-media producer and correspondent for destination marketing.  You can find Stephanie creating photos, videos, and blog posts or featured in magazines, at speaking engagements or making television appearances including CNN, Business Insider, Harper’s Bazaar, Social Media Week, and the World Tourism Forum.

Working with brands like Explore Canada, Visit Florida, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Facebook Corporation and more — Stephanie challenges how businesses in lifestyle and technology communicate with consumers. In 2017, Stephanie became a consultant on the new advisory board for Visit California, the official board of tourism for the State of California.

Stephanie continues to inspire others to challenge their comfort zones. Her mission isn’t just to show you the best time, but to promote culture, diversity and wellness in a generation that prefers experiences over belongings.

Founded in 2017, Stephanie managed to grow BUENA with the support of friends, family, and the team of advisors, mentors, investors, partners, and students to everything that it is now.