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It was all a dream…
We used to read Crunchbase magazine.

BUENA started as a tool to plan experiences. When COVID-19 hit, our travel lifestyles changed. But our team didn’t give up.

We found a way to remotely plan recipes, decorate our homes, and send a little something to the people we love.

What we value more than anything:
1. Good people.
2. Our very important free-time.

Whether it’s your friends, family, coworkers — we want you to get the most out of your time with them!
Don’t let planning special occasions like holidays or birthdays get in the way of what really counts…

Perfectly instagramm-able photos… jk… each other!

So stop wasting time keep track of the little things, and let BUENA supercharge your shopping lists for you.

Meet the Team
In the era of remote tools for work, we’ve created one for home & everything else.

Sure, work is important. Many of us spend more time at work than we do with other family and friends.

At BUENA, we believe that your free time is invaluable.
Shopping shouldn’t feel like work.

That’s why BUENA works so you can play.

About the Product
A word from our founder:
Hi! I’m Steph!

Thanks for stopping by.
Getting started wasn’t easy, and so we couldn’t be more grateful that you’ve joined us <3

Before BUENA, I traveled full-time for more than four years. With the exception of the first year, I came home once a month to visit my friends and family. I did what I could to make every birthday, every holiday, and every “just because” moment.

Money, “followers,” and flights will never replace the people that make us who we are.

BUENA started as a platform for planning travel, and it took a pandemic for me to realize that everything we do with the people we love is an experience.

So shout out to all of you for making our dreams come true.
We wouldn’t be here without our team, our mentors, our friends, family, journalists, and investors. We did this TOGETHER.

And we definitely wouldn’t be here without our users! And so if you have any questions, ideas, issues or feedback, please, please feel free to reach out!

Email our product team: feedback[at]
Or just shoot us a note on Instagram :) @myBUENAlife



Meet the Team

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