Let your fans shop your posts. Your content is now a recommendation list.

BUENA is the easiest, most authentic way to generate recurring income as a creator.

(Completely free, always!)

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How It Works

List products & places featured in your content.

BUENA is the quickest way to compile a cross-platform affiliate list.

Share your list as a link in bio or swipe up (optional).

Your fans can shop your content or save it across platforms to shop later. You get paid.

Your lists are featured on the BUENA site for shoppers.

As shoppers look for lists in your niche, they discover your shoppable content. You get paid.

BUENA Best Online Shopping Tool and Online Shopping Companion
Aggregate all of your affiliate platforms to a BUENA list. 0% transaction fee.

100% affiliate commission for any lists you shared as a link in bio or swipe up.

20% affiliate commission for lists featured on the BUENA shopper site.

Expand your cookie lifetime.
If your fans shop later, you still get paid.

Your fans can create an account to save products to their own lists.

When they go back to that product… you get another chance to make money!

Why It Works

Build Trust: Share products and places you actually love.

Cross-Platform: Recommend different brands & share with one link on all of your channels.

Recurring Revenue: Fans can keep shopping from your lists.

Your fans do not have to download
an app to shop from your lists.

They don’t even need to create an account.

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Create recommendation lists with BUENA, no matter your niche.


BUENA is a social platform designed for commerce. Users can discover, plan, and organize products from different channels and brands with a single tool. Creators can easily sell from interactive shopping lists.

Shopping lists can be used for anything — a fashion haul, making recipes into grocery lists, or creating a bookable itinerary out of a blog post. 

BUENA boasts proprietary software, still in beta. We’ll tell you a bit more about it later, but trust us — it’s never been easier to share products and experiences you love.

BUENA has partnered with your favorite brands and offers the same cookie duration that they offer. The difference is that if a user saves a product to BUENA for later and goes back to that product, your cookie duration restarts. 

Nope! They do not need a BUENA account to shop from your lists. If they do create a BUENA account, they don’t have to download an app or anything to create a list of their own. We do have an optional Chrome Extension available that makes it even easier to build lists.

You will be paid directly through your affiliate platforms as usual (i.e. Amazon Associates). BUENA is not part of the transition.

You can sign up with any affiliate platform through their website. While it might take some time to set up all of these accounts, monetizing through affiliate partners becomes a great source of passive income!

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