In this article, we’ll cover meal prep recipes that are easy and ready-to-go, along with:

  • Frequently asked questions on meal prepping
  • Best foods to meal prep
  • Meal prep recipe ideas for lunch
  • Dinner meal prep ideas
  • Vegan meal prep recipes

While most of us enjoy a nice evening of slow, thoughtful cooking for someone (or ourselves), the reality is that we don’t have time to take our time every time we need to eat. So for every other meal — in an effort to balance out all the meals that are long and hard to make — we’re sharing with you our most practical, most efficient lists: meal prep recipes that are easy and ready-to-go.

We share meal prep recipes and their grocery list, every time — so you know exactly what ingredients you need to order for delivery or pickup. This can easily become your weekly meal prep menu — with ideas for lunch and dinner!

What is the point of meal prep? Is meal prepping a good idea?

It’s a great idea!

Meal preparation is the process of planning and pre-cooking some of your meals ahead of time. This helps you organize the groceries you need, it saves you time by cooking multiple meals in one sitting, and it helps people meet their goals around nutrition. It’s simply easier to eat healthy and for your unique needs when everything is done for you. 

Meal prep recipes are said to save you money because you order less food and eat out less. It also makes it easier to eat the right amount of food, and the right types of food… and if it couldn’t get any better, it helps you avoid the wrong kinds of food. 

Meal Prep Recipes: Easy and Ready-to-Go

Meal Prep Recipes: Easy and Ready-to-Go

Meal Prep Recipes: Easy and Ready-to-Go

Meal Prep Recipes: Easy and Ready-to-Go



If you’re busy with work or on-the-go, meal prepping your lunch is an easy way to guarantee a quick and healthy meal. You’ll want a balanced lunch with protein and healthy carbs that gives you the energy you need to be your best.

Bowls are obviously the meal prepping foods of all time, but if you’re doing those for dinner, soups and salads are great for lunch (make sure you set the dressing on the side). You can also prep fillings for wraps on sandwiches, and just add the warm bread or tortilla during your lunch time.

In addition to sharing some of our favorite healthy ideas for lunch, each BUENA list has every ingredient you’ll need to make the meal come to life — and the best meal prepping containers to keep it fresh.

Meal Prep Recipes: Easy and Ready-to-Go

Meal Prep Recipes: Easy and Ready-to-Go

Meal Prep Recipes: Easy and Ready-to-Go



After a long day of being your best self, you might not always have the energy to cook dinner. This can lead to eating out or ordering in — and we all know how hard it is to track nutrients from recipes you didn’t cook yourself. Not to mention, meal prepping is the king of portion control!

Whether you’re trying to take care of your cholesterol, lose weight, or gain weight, meal prepping for dinner is a smart way to meet your goals. 

What should I meal prep for dinner?

Outside of the vegan recipes we’re sharing below, chicken is a top and favorite meal prepping ingredient — made into different types of bowls or salads. Some popular meal prep dinner recipes are

How long does food stay good when you meal prep?

As long as you refrigerate it, most foods will hold for seven days. However, the taste lasts best for up to four days. Most meats like chicken last no more than 4 days. 

What’s the best way to meal prep?

If you’re going after a strict diet where every meal is prepared, try doing it twice a week, say Sundays and Wednesdays, depending on your work schedule. Meal prepping twice a week may seem like a lot, but it’s ultimately a lot less than cooking twice a day. 



Meal prepping as a vegan sounds intimidating — there never seems to be enough recipes as is! Fear not, we have an idea or two for pulling the best veggies, beans, and nuts into your easy-grab meals.

What meals are good for meal prep?

The best meal prep recipes that are easy involve a combination of overlapping ingredients. For example, making a batch of quinoa and a batch of potatoes with chik’n or your favorite plant-based meat substitute, and adding a different sauce/ seasoning to each. BBQ chik’n and potatoes, chipotle chik’n with quinoa, tofu and lemon with rosemary potatoes, and tofu and dill with a quinoa salad. The core ingredients are consistent, the flavors are all unique.

This strategy adds variety to your diet. Thus, it’s the most realistic and sustainable way to meal prep without getting sick of your food.

Best foods to meal prep:

Pull these into any type of bowl!

  • Brown rice
  • Quinoa
  • Sweet potato
  • Lentils
  • Black beans

Best vegetables to meal prep:

  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Butternut squash
  • Cauliflower